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REF CONSTRUCTION, operates in Turkey since 2012. Increasing the quality of life in our country; has brought the concept of comfortable and safe housing with it. In this short period of time, our company has made it a duty to provide quality service by taking firm steps in the sector with a boutique construction and various housing projects.

Having a young, dynamic and expert staff in their fields, FNV ELEKTRONİK; carrying out building weak current systems and infrastructure works with its worldwide partners like Honeywell & Fike Fire Detection Systems, Honeywell AV Digital Voice and Announcement Systems, Honeywell Security and Burglar Alarm Systems, Honeywell CCTV Closed Circuit Camera Systems, Honeywell Ackerman Nurse Call Systems, Honeywell Card Access Systems, Gas Detection Systems, SMATV Systems, Intercom Systems, Guard Tour Systems, With Barrier and Parking Control Systems, Data Infrastructure Systems.

It is the most important principle of REF Yapı to always work without deviating from its goals and without sacrificing quality. Risk analyzes and discoveries required according to customer needs and demands are made on-site by our expert staff to the finest detail; The determined systems are installed using the most suitable and quality products. Our company has a wide range of products and can offer multiple solutions. After the systems are commissioned, the necessary support and all kinds of services are given with great attention and order; installed systems can also be included in periodic maintenance activities.


Expertise, reliability and high work ethic

Our mission is to be the first preference of our clients with our products , solutions, reliability that we create with our after-sale services and high professional morals as well as to be a compnay that creates values for its employees , shareholders and clients.

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To undertake and realize successful projects basing on the experiences of the past years, ability to present the best solutions to its clients that cover the needs of the sector and the wide range of products that had proved themselves to the whole world.


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