IP Intercom

  • IP Intercom infrastructure stands out primarily as an IOT-based system
    where smart digital technologies are used.
  • IP Intercom that can communicate with other devices within the building or house boundaries; It enables the participants to communicate with each other effectively by creating a holistic communication network.
  • In case of doorbell, audio or video response system, in addition to options such as call rejection at unwanted time intervals; Provides advanced options such as direct connection to the concierge flat, access to IP camera security infrastructure in the building.
  • Likewise, within the boundaries of the building, network participants can easily communicate with each other via the intercom voice response system with other participants.
  • Direct interaction with the security unit or reception in unexpected situations is also a very fast and effortless action thanks to the IP Doorphone product.
  • Another important advantage that stands out within the scope of IP Intercom infrastructure is the availability of non-uniform communication formats. Unlike traditional audio doorphone systems, there are multimedia data transfers other than voice within the scope of the Intercom based doorphone system. For example, the participant of the environment within the boundaries of the building experiences options such as message, video calling, connection with IP security & camera infrastructure by using infrastructure facilities.
  • One of the most important advantages within the scope of IP Intercom systems is access to alarm and security infrastructure. With this feature, system users can access the alarm management panel and control the security details of their living spaces. This advantage, which promises area-based high protection, also maximizes the security level of the living space.