Data and Infrastructure

  • Data and network systems are the totality of communication systems where information and system resources are shared by different users and provide data transfer from one place to another. These systems
    enable network communication as well as resource sharing via wired or wireless. Investments made in data and network systems are the longest lasting, productive investments in the field of informatics and security that give full value to the investment.
  • Data and network systems are essentially a storage where data on the internet is stored and protected. It is a large server that hosts systems on the computer and other systems. Within the drive system where physically all data is stored, the rooms of the system operating the computer are located. Fire extinguishing alarms, generators, security vulnerabilities are all gathered under this server. Security infrastructure is created by qualifying situations that may occur according to their level of
    danger. Gathering the security infrastructure under a single infrastructure system makes it easier to respond to emergency situations from a single source.
  • Data and network systems are the basic infrastructure to which many systems are connected in a building, campus or company. More and more systems and applications are becoming connected to the data network.
    • Local Area Network
    • Wide Area Network
    • Data Center
    • Network Security
    • Network Optimization and Management
    • There are VLAN, IP Address, Port Configuration Database Design.