Mechanical Automation Systems

  • Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions, Honeywell Turkey newest software technologies are used by Smart Home technologies, people and the environment makes it possible for home security remote can manage more easily and efficiently via their personal devices.
  • On a larger scale, Honeywell Intelligent Building Solutions brings together all control systems in almost any type of building, providing unmatched efficiency, safety, comfort and productivity from a single control point.
  • Honeywell’s security and energy management systems in all major skyscraper in Turkey, offices, hospitals, shopping centers, railway stations and airports.
  • Some of the technologies and services offered by Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions are:

    • Housing security and comfort system
    • Building automation systems
    • Smart grid and demand response technology
    • Water, natural gas and electricity metering solutions
    • With scanning systems and mobile computers,
    • Fire alarm and gas detection systems
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Workflow performance software and hardware solutions
    • Remote system health monitoring
    • Cloud technologies and integration of objects
    • More productive mobile solutions and big data