Close Circuit Camera Systems

  • The closed circuit television system is integrated with security centers, allowing your security unit to monitor all related systems such as card access, fire, security.
  • Its functionality increases when it is operated integrated with other systems.
  • As a result of developments in CCTV technology, video surveillance has become the most valuable protection, security and management tool available today. Recent developments in technology have also affected CCTV systems, and imaging systems have become an indispensable part of security, protection and administrative applications. Especially with the introduction of digital systems, in addition to the security
    organizations of buildings, facilities and institutions, monitoring of employees, collection of evidence, tracking of thieves in factories, shops, banks and customer relations.
  • CCTV systems are used extensively. Again, parallel to technological developments, many institutions use CCTV systems to identify visitors and employees, to monitor dangerous working areas, to protect against theft, to detect suspicious persons and vehicles with license plates, to ensure security in buildings, parks, areas and airports