• During the conversation of two users using VoIP, voices are divided into certain code attachments. To illustrate this situation; When we make a phone call, our voice is encrypted in certain
    codecs and transmitted over the internet. In this transmission state, the audio codecs are uploaded in packets via the internet. The other party’s voice is also processed and the code is added, and as a result, the voice is downloaded in packets via the internet. During this code adding process, an average of 40 Kbit / second bandwidth is used per second. VoIP uses many protocols in the background, but the most common of these is the SIP protocol.
  • VoIP greatly reduces the cost of telecommunications. With VoIP, it is possible to reduce the cost of telecommunications by 50% to 70%. If you carry your fixed phone number, you can start receiving services via the internet, and you cannot make any payments in return for your transferred or transferred number.
  • Because of the Ip Switchboard System, you can offer flexible solutions while communicating your company. It is possible to use these flexible solutions by many of your branches located in the company headquarters without any charge. With this feature, you can provide free telecommunication service between all branches. What is this item ip phone and what is its advantages? It is one of the most important answers to the question.
  • Besides, there is no channel restriction problem for calls made using VoIP.
  • Thanks to the applications you will install on your Windows, Iphone, Android phones, you can actively use your fixed number; make and receive calls People work together in many different ways.
    In this collaboration, they need to use many collaboration tools. There are many collaboration tools for voice calling, such as IP telephony, web and video conferencing, voicemail, desktop sharing, messaging and presence status. Unified communication, on the other hand, provides the combination of all these communication tools and it is very useful in making the working together of the personnel working within a certain institution more efficient. Unified communications solutions are made available by Cisco IP phones,
    in-house software and partners as a service provided by cloud providers.