Nurse Call and Code Blue Sytems

  • The nurse call system is a system that notifies the patient’s needs, help calls or the help calls of the staff to the nurse unit with sound and light and records the intervention performance of the staff.
  • The purpose of the nurse call system is to increase the performance and quality of hospital services by providing a call, communication and automation infrastructure between the patient and (or) healthcare personnel. The system consists of a series of buttons and wireless sensors that allow caregivers to always keep each patient’s condition under control, increasing the safety and comfort of the patient. It provides easy and fast access to nurses by allowing patients to call nurses from patient rooms, patient toilets and bathrooms when they need it.
  • The nurse call system is a system that works with IP technology and provides preliminary information about the patient’s condition by supporting the voice communication between the patient and the
    healthcare personnel. In nurse call systems where there is no voice communication, health personnel will first see the complaint about the patient and go to get the necessary equipment for re-intervention, as they do not have any prior information, and maybe even if it is an emergency, it will waste unnecessary time. The audio system allows both to get preliminary information about the patient’s condition and to relieve the patient psychologically.
  • The nurse call system consists of units in the room, network distribution system, server and software and nurse units.
  • The units in the room are room control unit, bedside unit, patient handset, WC / bathroom unit and room door warning lights. Apart from these, an RFID card reader can be used to measure the service performance of the personnel, and in some areas, only buttons that provide a call (such as nurse call or blue code) can be used.